What we do

We do honesty, integrity, delivery, accuracy, insight and action. But so does every consultant!

Experience from over 30 years of working within the commercial aviation sector is invaluable.

We saw the first Emirates international service land in London, we were involved in the first real transatlantic joint venture, we were central to the development of low cost services in emergent markets and have advised on some of the most lucrative airport transactions in the last decade.

So what do we do and why are we worth contacting; well….

We have an intimate knowledge of data. We have used probably all possible data sets and sources, we understand what data you need to answer each question. Our partnership with OAG gives us online access to the best data set in the industry.

We see the BIG picture but focus that picture for our clients needs. The industry changes daily, decisions impact everyone, at JG Aviation Consultants we use our knowledge to make sure our clients are ahead of their competitors reacting quickly and effectively to every opportunity.

We’re honest and occasionally blunt! Its easy to waste time, travel down roads to a dead end, chase a target that is out of range or say yes when you mean No!

Magnifine Glass

Armed with access to industry leading analytical s tools and databases, we have in the past completed numerous strategic projects around the globe on behalf of clients.

We have in the past worked in markets as diverse as Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe on complete strategic reviews of the airports aeronautical business. From understanding the local market, the competitive environment, stakeholders interest and aspirations though to the airline operators perceptions of the market and performance we have created a thorough understanding of the market. Armed with that data, we’ve subsequently developed bold, exciting strategies for air service development that have frequently delivered valuable incremental revenues for clients.


For many clients we’ve been asked to implement the strategic recommendations we’ve made, always a nice but ‘money where your mouth’ moment. Winning new air services requires detailed analysis, creativity, frequently a network of relationships and most important of all patience and tenacity. We’ve bundles of those skills and have used them to great success over the years. We’ve secured base aircraft operations for some, ‘trophy’ airlines for others and for many hit many of their ‘bucket list’ markets and services.

Sometimes new air service development happens very quickly, but in most cases it’s a lengthy process and we can help you at any point in that process based on our knowledge and experience.

LightbulbAirports are more than runways and terminals. They represent attractive infrastructure opportunities, potential targets for many investment funds. Due diligence of the market opportunity, expected market growth in the coming years, mix of airlines by geography and segment requires expert knowledge and understanding of the market.

When such investments are being considered, accurate, detailed diligence of the asset and opportunity is vital, understanding the risk drives the price and the reward. Over the years we have advised on major transactions around the globe and can provide you with the insight required to ensure you invest wisely.