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Welcome to JG Aviation Consultants

Its taken nearly thirty years to launch JG Aviation Consultants during which time I have built up a wealth of valuable experience working across all aspects of commercial aviation. Over those years I have been involved in both some of the most memorable industry developments to have taken place, pioneered the concept of air service development as a proactive element to any airports activity and assisted in the turnaround of many facilities worldwide.

All of which is a long time ago from when I worked on a strange airline advertising campaign that had air hostesses dancing to beach boys classic songs and read out those words to desperate schools and clubs wanting to replicate those adverts!

From there I moved on to more exciting challenges across all commercial areas of the airline sector. Firstly, market research, followed by network planning, commercial operations, distribution services; finally leading to running a whole airline business unit in the UK. During that time I opened new routes, sadly closed some others, completely re-branded a whole airline and developed one of the first internet booking sites for an airline in Europe.

Having done the ‘airline side’ I then had an incredibly successful period working on air service development for a number of clients around the globe. Providing advice on issues as far ranging as air service agreements, infrastructure investment, stakeholder engagement and new airline networks and operations. With commissions and tangible success in every geographic market the team ended up being an award winning consultancy recognized by many as amongst the best in practice.

For the last few years I have led and created a whole new suite of analytical products and services for OAG which have transitioned the company to a major supplier of such services to all segments of the aviation industry.

Regularly asked to comment on industry issues for the BBC and other media outlets I’ve been spotted by colleagues on television in the most obscure parts of the world!

So after that journey, I have created JG Aviation Consultants. Armed with all of that experience, knowledge and passion built up over time I believe that JG Aviation Consultants represent a real and alternate choice for consultancy services and advice. Armed with a range of detailed datasets and supported by a passionate team of associates our unrivaled experience and knowledge could finally provide you with the level of consultancy services that you have dreamed of in recent years.

For more information on how I and JG Aviation Consultants can help you and your business look good, please contact me at john@jgaviationconsultants.com

John Grant, Owner JG Aviation Consultants
John Grant, Owner JG Aviation Consultants